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Martial Arts has given our family an opportunity to train and grow together.  We consider it a kicking good time!

- The Wheeler Family

When Master Robles, or one of the instructors, says "he'll

be fine with me" or "don't worry he's with me", you can walk away and know it is true.  They care for these kids as if they were part of their own family!


- Kim Sergeant and Geoff Quinn

The training we received at Martial Arts America benefitted us physically and mentally and gave us a great sense of confidence while getting us in great shape!

- The Rodriguez Family

We greatly thank Master Robles for all he has instilled in our son through his challenging and precise program.  We can't thank him enough for his guidance, teachings and wisdom.  

- Kelli and Chris Toombs

The best program ever! Our boy, Tony Corrales, current Ball High senior, is a 2nd degree black belt and I can honestly say as a father that the program has played a key role on keeping him on track to academic success and reaching his goals. Thanks GrandMaster Robles for everything you do.

- Antonio Corrales

Caden has developed into a well-disciplined Martial Arts student who not only has respect for himself but for his instructors and fellow students as well.  We are very grateful for the privilege of having our son be a part of Martial Arts America.  The lessons he has learned from Master Robles, and his program, will have a life long impact on him as he grows into an adult.

- Richard and Shaye Henderson 

Master Ishmael Robles is indeed a very accomplished and talented martial artist. But his abilities extend far beyond this well known fact. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to so many and for creating a safe haven for kids from all walks of life. A place where they learn the art of discipline and respect . A place where hard work goes hand in hand with an abundance of fun. A place where kids can learn that nothing worth having will ever come easy. And of course, perhaps most importantly, the lesson that in life we all stumble and fall. But we get up. We move on. We LEARN and we grow from both victory and defeat. 
I am honored to know you and blessed to have you as part of my children's lives.


- Ri and Florence Dorado

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